Manabigama Soda/Wood Kiln in beautiful San Gregorio, California!

Wood Firing

Each wood kiln has its own firing characteristics, but there are some basic principles that hold true for any kiln using wood as fuel. Getting the basics right means better chances for great results.

Woodfire Kiln Building Workshop

Come learn to build a Manabigama Soda/Wood Kiln in beautiful San Gregorio, California!
This workshop takes place over two weekends, with a total of 4 days of building and learning.

The Workshop Includes:

  • 25 lbs. of Santa Cruz White Clay
  • 2 Cubic Feet of Space in the first firing of the season in November (Nov Date TBD)
  • Slideshow Event and Showpiece Gallery
  • Woodfire Throwing Demo
  • Woodfire Lecture and Q&A
  • Participate in 3 incredible build days on the San Mateo County coast!

We will spend one evening at Clay Creations Studio in Pacifica, (Saturday, October 2nd) We will be learning about the woodfire process with a slideshow, demo, lecture and Q & A.
The next weekend will offer a three-day kiln build workshop (Saturday, October 9th through Monday, October 11th) in San Gregorio. We will provide all snacks and beverages; please bring your own lunch (we will also be doing a daily local lunch run (deli and taqueria)

We’re working to secure accommodations in nearby Pescadero (housing will be offered at a separate, additional cost)



Happy Students


This is a great place to learn how to use clay, whether it’s on a potter’s wheel or hand sculpting. They also offer great
camps for kids and good opportunities for teens and young adults to be camp staff. Really friendly atmosphere.

- Shreath

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