We now offer Raku for Non-Members!

Raku Firing

We now offer Raku for Non-Members!

Available to all!

Cost: $60 for up to 3 items up to a total of 1000 cubic inches.



Raku glazes provided; crackle, turquoise, copper and others.
The cost includes the firing and glazes for this raku event.

Firing will be from 9am to 3pm.

Larger or additional items are welcomed but will be charged the day of the event.

Participants must bring their own bisqueware items and need to arrive at 9am to glaze their work. We welcome your involvement in pulling your work from the kiln (this is not required)

Sunday, September 25th 2nd


Raku & Pitfire Event on 7/23 in San Gregorio

Available to all!  Only 8 Spots Available

Cost: $80 for both firings.  Up to 3 items up to a total of 1000 cubic inches.


Saturday July 23rd at 9am in San Gregorio.

$80 enrollment fee for both firings; you can fire 3 pieces up to 1000 cubic inches for each firing (2000 total inches for both firings) Please come with your bisqueware ready to go!

Saturday, July 23rd


Happy Students

Great place to learn pottery and enjoy the community of artists.

-Amy DeLorimier

Had a great time learning how to center and shape clay. Amazing to see how a shapeless clay is transformed into a usable object. Owner was great and made our experience with pottery fun!

-BeckyC M